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Spokane Youth Symphony orchestra
entrance auditions

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Spokane Youth Symphony Orchestra 

Audition Instructions

1. Solo piece: Prepare a polished, recital-ready solo piece. The piece will be performed without accompaniment. You may play any work of your choice, but the level of difficulty should be an accurate representation of your technical and artistic ability. Your solo piece need not be memorized, but the entire piece should be performance-ready.

2. Required Scales & etude  (links to downloadable PDFs below): 

3. Sight-reading from repertoire that may be performed by the orchestra for which you are auditioning. 

SYSO Entrance Audition Requirements

Spokane Youth Symphony Orchestra

Entrance Audition Requirements

SYSO - Horn

SYSO - Trumpet (2019 version)

SYSO - Trumpet (2023 version)


SYSO - Tenor Trombone

SYSO - Bass Trombone

SYSO - Tuba

SYSO - Piano (for orchestra//harp parts only )Please inquire in advance if opening available by sending email to

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