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Contributing Supporters
October 2022-January 2024

Golden Ticket Supporter, $5,000+

ArtsFund, Paul G. Allen Family
Johnston-Fix Foundation
Welty Foundation
Innovia Foundation
Irwin Family Fund, Renaissance
Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Karen Wohlen and Joe Organick

Conductor’s Circle, $1,000-$4,999

Avista Foundation


Carl M. Hansen Foundation

Nicholas and Mildred Ninos Fund

Pool World, Inc.

Ruth Seignemartin
Taia Ray
Wagstaff Inc.
Zephyr Fund, Tony Flinn

Sustaining Contributor, $500-$999


Agwest Farm Credit
Cathy Brown

Marilyn Frei

Jennifer Hicks
Michael and Connie Kerbs
Pervidio Benefit Services, LLC
William and Pamela Small

Patron, $100-$499

AgWest Farm Credit

Philip Baldwin
Believe in Me Foundation
Catherine Brown
Cheryl Carney

Joan DeGroot

James Cornwall

Berenice Emehiser
Jennifer Flanigan
Ann Frei

Deborah Hyslop**
Friday Musical Club
David Gortner
Kristin Griffith
Emilie Grondin Fund at Innovia

Alexis Merane Hart
Jennifer Hicks**
Tutti Hodge
Craig and Heather Johnson

Thomas Kunt
Wayne and Carmen Lee
Brett Lewis
Joann Matiska
Jason Miller and Catherine A. Lee
Kimdung Nguyen
Northwest Farm Credit Services-
Bruce L. Pennell
Sarah Roewe
Dawn Roskelley
Marilyn and Glen Satre
Judith Schoepflin
Matthew & Abby Shuster
Earl Smith
Clay Sorensen
Wes and Frances Wagner
Jeannette Wee-Yang
Esther Weller
Peter and Karen Wildman

Friend, $50-$99

Wende Barker
Leonard and Helen Byrne
Deborah Chapman
Karen Conlin
Joan DeGroot
Kellie Ewasko
Kasia Haroldsen
Renate Hochheimer
Roberta Jackson

D'Lea Martens**

Patty Morin
Kelly Quigley
Janet Rea

Frances Wagner
Marion Wong
Meng Yu

Gift, $10-$49

Kathleen R Ball

Helen Cogley**

Constance Lee McBride

Michael and Sandra Povich
Bianca D. Avila do Prado
Lawrence Breslet

*For the Angela Armstrong Inspirational Award

**In Memory of Carolyn Hage Nunemaker

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