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Support an SYS Student by DONATING at the button below.

Each family with one or more students in an SYS orchestra is required to raise at least $200 during the 2023-2024 season for the organization. Note that this minimum fundraising requirement is per family, not per student! Also, please realize that you must sell more than $200 of products in order to raise $200. Any surplus funds raised (beyond the required minimum) will be credited to your family's fundraising account. You can use money from your fundraising account to pay for camp and tour expenses. Families that don't meet the required minimum will be billed for the remainder. SYS provides several opportunities for fundraising throughout the year:


Holiday Fundraiser: Students and their families sell evergreen wreaths and other holiday items for delivery around Thanksgiving. Details will be provided at the first rehearsal of the season. Students must sell approximately 10-15 large wreaths to meet the $200 fundraising requirement. MORE INFO


• RaiseRight Gift Cards: Families buy gift cards through the RaiseRight program and spend them at participating retailers. These companies donate up to 20% of the gift card amount back to SYS. For example, you pay $50 for a $50 RaiseRight eGiftCard (plus a minimal .29 bank fee). If you order physical cards that are available for home shipping, shipping charges will apply. Your family's earnings are shown in the RaiseRight app. MORE INFO


• Spring Flower Power Fundraiser: Flower Power offers quality bulbs and plants available from growers in Holland and the U.S. and offers an unconditional, 100% replacement guarantee. All items are shipped to buyers directly beginning in April. Students must sell $400 to raise $200.


• Donations: Students receive credit for 100% of all donations made in their name. Donors can make checks payable to SYS and should include the student's name on the memo line. We greatly appreciate all the hard work that students and their families put into these fundraisers. Tuition fees only cover about half of our ongoing expenses, so we need to rely on fundraisers to help close that gap. Your effort and contributions make a big difference!

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