Orchestra aides

Strings Orchestra Aide Position is Currently OPEN - Apply by 8/22/2019 to be considered

The Orchestra Aide is an assist to the conductor throughout the season by providing information to orchestra members and functioning as a chaperone of the student musicians in the orchestra. The Orchestra Aide is present at each rehearsal, concert, and tour. The Aide must find their own replacement in advance of any rehearsal that they must miss and will report the arrangement to the Executive Director.


Orchestra aides are responsible for recording weekly attendance and will assist SYS staff by by handing out fliers, making announcements, and communicating with students and parents as necessary for clarification of SYS expectations and events. The Orchestra Aide will handle the gathering of checks, cash, and order forms that are turned in for the Holiday Wreath fundraiser will give them promptly to the to the SYS administrative staff.  Compensation for the position is full tuition for the SYS 2019-2020 season for one child. The Orchestra Aide appointments are made for each year and are not guaranteed for more than one year at a time.



Symphony: Leahlyn LIere




Philharmonic: Joanne Matiska





Sinfonietta: Stacey MItchell


Strings: TBD



2019-2020 Orchestra Aides

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