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concert attire

​The Spokane Youth Symphony requires formal dress for concert performances. For all orchestras, this means no black jeans or cargo pants, no tight pants (leggings), no casual shoes (Birkenstocks/boots/tennis shoes) or low-cut blouses. 

More specific requirements are as follows: 

Spokane Youth Symphony Orchestra (advanced ensemble “Symphony Orchestra”) 

Ladies: Long-sleeved (or three-quarter sleeved) full-length black dress or long-sleeved (or three-quarter sleeved) black blouse and full-length black skirt or full-length black dress slacks, opaque black stockings, black dress shoes and subdued accessories 

Gentlemen: Black suit, white long-sleeved dress shirt, black bow tie, black dress shoes and black socks 


Spokane Youth Philharmonic, Spokane Youth Sinfonietta and Spokane Youth Strings ("Philharmonic," "Sinfonietta," and "Strings") 

Ladies: Long-sleeved (or three-quarter sleeved) white blouse with black mid-calf or full-length skirt or full-length black dress slacks, black stockings and dress shoes, and subdued accessories 

Gentlemen: Long-sleeved white shirt, long black tie, black dress pants, black dress shoes and black socks

Spokane Youth Symphony

If a musician arrives for a concert dressed inappropriately, they will not be allowed to play.

NOTE: Reasonable dress code accommodations will be made in accordance with the SYS non-discrimination policy.

Links to online suppliers of concert attire that fits our dress code (you are NOT required to purchase from these suppliers)


Spokane Youth Symphony Orchestra: 

Stage Accents (Ladies' dresses) - must be long-sleeved (Maltese, Genevea long sleeve, Bel Aire long sleeve are options at this site) 

​​Concert Black (Black skirts and tops)

Stage Accents (Men's tuxes)​

Please note: Symphony men's attire includes a black suit (does not have to be a tuxedo)

Cousin's Concert Attire (Bow ties)

Spokane Youth Philharmonic, Spokane Youth Sinfonietta, and Spokane Youth Strings:

Cousin's Concert Attire (Boy's shirt, slacks, and long tie - correct color options available for white shirt and black tie )​​​​​

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