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2022 Holiday Fundraiser



Donate to the Holiday Fundraiser by clicking on the green Donate button.


The Holiday Fundraiser is our major fundraising event during the 2022-23 season. Student tuition covers approximately half of our operating expenses, and we are not able to provide the quality of experience for young musicians that we do without this fundraiser.

The Holiday Fundraiser begins on September 12 and ends on October 31. Wreath orders will be picked up by SYS families on Saturday, November 19 at Custom Strings, 11511 E. Trent and will be delivered to customers during the following week.

We have a new vendor of wreaths and other holiday evergreen décor this year. The Sherwood Forest Farms is our new supplier of the products. We have a website provided by the company to make it possible for your child to share with friends, family, and teachers the information to purchase their holiday evergreen products online. Parents and family members are also welcomed to help their child promote sales. There will NOT be the collecting or turning in to SYS of cash or checks. The sale will be held online only.

There are two categories of sales – local distribution items (there are four products in this category) which SYS families will pick and deliver to customers and direct delivery items (eight products in this category) which are mailed directly to the customer. Both categories of evergreen products are featured on our fundraiser website:

Students will get credit for sales made when their customer chooses the student’s name from the drop-down list of names at the bottom of “Your Information” requested at Checkout.  The SYS office will be able to track all sales as they come in and will provide a list of sales to each student before order pick-up day on November 19. We hope each student/family can plan to sell at least 10 items during the sale which will take place September 12-October 31.

Wreath Sale Packets:

All students receive a Wreath Sale Packet at the first rehearsal of the 2022-2023 season and it includes the following: (Links are provided to these documents so you can print duplicates of these items.)

- 1 Holiday Fundraiser Flier (includes color photos of products)

- 1 Instruction page  (edited)

- 1 Price List 

- 10 business cards with the fundraiser website link to hand to customers

Pick up your wreath orders on Saturday, November 19 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., at Custom Strings: 11511 E. Trent Ave, Spokane Valley.  Deliver them to your purchasers before Thanksgiving, if possible, and thank them for supporting SYS!



Weekly Prizes

  • Students will receive one candy bar for every 5 products sold.

  • A $25 Hoffman Music or Custom Strings gift certificate will be given to the top seller of each orchestra on the following weeks: September 26 and October 3, 17, & 24. Product sales MUST be ordered online by 6 p.m. on Sunday evening before rehearsal to receive credit for that week.


Overall Sales

  • $50 cash and FOUR complimentary tickets to an SYS concert this season for the student in each orchestra who sold the most products over 50.

  • The top seller of the whole fundraiser will receive a new set of strings for their instrument (including the instrument set-up) or $100 cash from Custom Strings.

  • Top Sellers Party – There will be a “cake party” after our Wreath Sale has ended for all students that have sold 10 or more wreaths.

  • 2022-2023 Yearbook Acknowledgement for ALL students who sell 5 or more wreaths!


Categories for number of sales will be listed in the 2022-23 Yearbook as follows:

Bach Level – 5 or more products

Handel Level – 10 or more products

Mozart Level – 25 or more products

Beethoven Level – 50 or more products

Brahms Level – 100 + products

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