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SYS 2023 spring
flower power

Sale ended may 15th
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We are introducing the ONLINE version of the Flower Power Fundraiser as a means to add crucial funding to supply our remaining 2022-2023 budgetary needs and to consider it as an additional yearly fundraiser for our organization's potential new projects, such as tours and events for our orchestras.

Flower Power offers only the finest, best-quality bulbs and plants available from growers in Holland and the U.S. AND offers an unconditional, 100% replacement guarantee! The Spokane Youth Symphony earns 50% profit from all products!


NO DELIVERY by our SYS members or families is needed! Just share the link above for the Flower Power online catalog where our supporters can purchase their products. The flower bulbs and seeds will then be drop-shipped directly to their home (beginning in April). We are very excited about this program which provides, quality spring garden products that your friends and family will enjoy, all while supporting SYS.


Please encourage your customers to INCLUDE THE FIRST AND LAST NAME of an SYS STUDENT when ordering so we can thank them with prizes and incentives for helping to promote this fundraiser!

SYS Student Sales Levels and Prizes


DAISY Level – $100 or more in products

TULIP Level – $200 or more in products

CARNATION Level – $300 or more in products

DAHLIA Level – $400 or more in products

LILY Level – $500 or more in products

ROSE (the top seller in each orchestra who sells the most products of $100 or more.)


SUNFLOWER -- for the overall TOP SELLER for all of SYS: 


·     $50 cash and 2 complimentary tickets to the May concert for Roses (the top seller in each orchestra who sells the most products of $100 or more.)


·     The "Sunflower," - top seller of the whole fundraiser will receive an additional $100 cash, & 3 tickets to an upcoming Spokane Symphony Concert.


·     Sellers Party – There will be a cake reception after the Sale has ended for all Daisies, Tulips, Carnations, Dahlias, Lilies, (and of course the Roses, & the Sunflower.)


·     2022-2023 Yearbook Acknowledgement for ALL students who sell $100 or more in Flower Power Products (Daisies and above) – with special notation for top sellers (Roses and the Sunflower).




·     Roses and Sunflowers will receive other special acknowledgements:

(such as from the concert stage/stage screen, & special recognitions on an easel/table at the concert.)


·     There will also be a Manito Gardens "pizza picnic" and walk with available conductors, board members and other select SYS staff – to honor the Roses, Sunflowers - and their parent (or guardian). (Date & exact location tba.)


"Roses" are the top total sellers in each orchestra, regardless of what tier of sales they achieve.

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