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By adhering to a high standard of excellence, by offering these young musicians a progressive course of study, and by nurturing that early, budding love of music, the Spokane Youth Symphony organization is able to witness the sheer delight that these students find in their musical performances and the sense of pride that is established as they stretch their musical talent into young adulthood. In addition, lifelong skills are developed that will serve them throughout their musical careers. The Spokane Youth Symphony depends upon the generous support of our community to help us to continue to strengthen the musical enrichment of our students and to build orchestras of the future.

As a supporting member of the Spokane Youth Symphony, you can join hands with our fine young people as well as continue to steer them toward a bright musical and educational path to follow and to enrich their talents. Your donations are used to provide financial assistance to those children who might otherwise not be able to participate in our programs with tuition and private lesson assistance. In addition, your donation helps us keep our program running by helping to fund conductor, instrumental coaches, and operational expenses such facility rental and admin staff.

Please consider assisting us by making a contribution. Thank you for helping youth make beautiful music.

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