2024-2025 Enrollment

SYS 2024-2025 Enrollment and Payment Agreement

To participate in any SYS orchestra, a student must first audition and be accepted into an ensemble. Only students new to SYS and those who wish to move up need to perform an entrance audition. Auditions typically take place in late May and late August/early September for each season. Enrollment is due by August 15 for returning members and those who were accepted into an orchestra in the spring auditions. Students who are new to SYS and plan to audition at the fall entrance auditions should not be enrolled until they are accepted into the orchestra and before attending the first rehearsal on September 9th. Enrollment is required to participate in rehearsals.

If your child is a returning student who participated in the 2023-24 season, and is planning to audition or reaudition for the next higher orchestra in the late August auditions, you should enroll your student in the upper orchestra. Please understand, however, that if the student does not have a successful audition for this orchestra, they will be placed in the lower orchestra, with adjustments made in our records and an overpayment refund sent to you.

To enroll, a parent or guardian must submit the online 2024-2025 Enrollment and Payment Agreement form, linked below, and provide required payment. The student needs to be a returning SYS member or have been accepted by audition into one of the SYS orchestras for the 2024-2025 season. The online enrollment and payment agreement form includes agreement to the 2024-2025 Handbook, Liability Release, and Media Release, along with the agreement to pay monthly payments or full tuition.

Enrollment is not complete until your first tuition payment has been received. SYS accepts monthly payments via PayPal, or you can pay for the entire year up-front to receive a $100/student discount.

Please review the following agreements and policies before you proceed:

SYS 2024-2025 Handbook

Fundraising Requirements

Parent Volunteering

• Liability Release

Media Consent Release

Tuition Amounts

Suzuki Academy: Monthly - $60, Annual - $440*

Strings: Monthly - $69, Annual - $521*

Sinfonietta: Monthly - $79, Annual - $611*

Philharmonic: Monthly - $86, Annual -$674*

Symphony Orchestra (SYSO): Monthly - $95, Annual - $755*

Multiple Child: -$10 monthly, -$90 annually per child if 2+ children enrolled

* Annual tuition amounts shown here include a $100 discount for payment in full. Families must pay the full amount by October 1st to get the discount, otherwise the monthly amount (x9) will be billed throughout the year.

Please be aware that monthly payments will be invoiced by email at the beginning of each month.

Additional Fees:

Fundraising Fee - $200 (per family) or raise a minimum of $200 through the four fundraising options (see Fundraising).

Volunteering Fee - $200 (per family) or volunteer for a minimum of 9 (nine) verified hours through our volunteer sign-up system (see Parent Volunteering)

SYS 2024-2025 Enrollment and Payment Agreement

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