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Spokane Youth Symphony Music Performance Collaboration Video Contest winners

Most Musical

Sam Morozov-trumpet and Glorie Bojilov-violin;

"Love So Amazing

Most Creative

The Treis Kids (Catherine, Bernadette, violins; Dominic, viola; Christopher, cello) , "La Bamba"

(in Honor of the Four SYS Conductors)

Best Large Collaboration

LOTR - Ronan Theme

Catherine Treis - Flute 1/2 on violin; Dominic Treis - Viola, clarinet 2 (on viola), bass drum; Glorie Bojilov - Violin 1, oboe 1/2 (on violin); Hannah Stewart - Cello, bass, bassoon 1/2 (on cello) percussion; Isabela Thomas - Violin 2, clarinet 1 (on violin); Sam Morozov - Trumpet 1/2, horn 1-4, trombone 1-2, tuba (on baritone), tin whistle

Best "Young" Performers

Bach Double, 3rd movement, played by

Sophia and Liam Dwyer-violins

Best Original Composition

"Tango" by Jessie Morozov

Jessie Morozov and Elizabeth Stubblefield, violins

Best Solo Performer (multi-track for four violins)

Glorie Bojilov, Amazing Grace

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