Spokane Youth Symphony


P.O. Box 9547  Spokane, WA  99209


 Concert Attire Dress Code

The Spokane Youth Symphony requires formal dress for concert performances. For all orchestras, this means no black jeans or cargo pants, no tight pants (leggings), no casual shoes (Birkenstocks/boots/tennis shoes) or low-cut blouses.

More specific requirements are as follows:

Spokane Youth Symphony Orchestra (advanced ensemble “Symphony”)

Ladies: Long-sleeved (or three-quarter sleeved) full-length black dress or long-sleeved (or three-quarter sleeved) black blouse and full-length black skirt or full-length black dress slacks, opaque black stockings, black dress shoes and subdued accessories

Gentlemen: Black suit, white long-sleeved dress shirt, black bow tie, black dress shoes and black socks

Spokane Youth Philharmonic, Spokane Youth Sinfonietta and Spokane Youth Strings ("Philharmonic," "Sinfonietta," and "Strings")

Ladies: Long-sleeved (or three-quarter sleeved) white blouse with black mid-calf or full-length skirt or full-length black dress slacks, black stockings and dress shoes, and subdued accessories

Gentlemen: Long-sleeved white shirt, long black tie, black dress pants, black dress shoes and black socks