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Fall Entrance Audition Schedule:
St. John's Cathedral, 127 E. 12th Ave., Spokane

Strings:  Friday, September 8, 3-5:30 and Saturday, September 9, 1:30-4:00 p.m.

1. Solo piece: Prepare a polished, recital-ready solo piece. The piece will be performed without accompaniment. You may play any work of your choice, but the level of difficulty should be an accurate representation of your technical and artistic ability. Your solo piece need not be memorized, but the entire piece should be performance-ready. You may be asked to stop playing before you reach the end of your prepared piece, or asked to play only a particular section. If this happens, please understand that it is only in the interest of time, not a reflection of your playing.

2. Required Scales & etude (links to downloadable PDFs below):

3. Sight-reading from repertoire that may be performed by this orchestra. 

Auditions last 10-15 minutes.

Download PDF
B-flat Maj., two octaves
G Maj., two octaves
Wohlfahrt, Op. 45, No. 6

Download PDF
C Maj., two octaves
F Maj., two octaves
Wohlfahrt, Op. 45, No. 6 

Download PDF
C Maj., two octaves
F Maj., 2 octaves
Schoeder, Violoncello Method, Book 1, No. 10

Download PDF 
D Maj. one octave
F Maj., one octave
Simandl, No. 1

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