NOTE: Students who need to be absent for rehearsals or concerts due to inclement conditions will be excused for the absence. If your child was absent from the January 12th concert for inclement conditions or illness, please submit the above form. Thank you.

Concert Audience Attendance Release Form

Rehearsals are very important and should take priority over other activities, with very few exceptions.  The following are excused absences: 1) illness 2) family emergency 3) religious event, and 4) school music event. All other absences will be unexcused.  Three or more unexcused absences may be cause for dismissal or may prevent a student from participating in a concert.  If you know your child will be absent from a rehearsal, or was absent from a rehearsal, please submit the ONLINE Absence Form (see below) or print an  Absence Form and submit it to your orchestra aide within one week of the absence. 


Absence Form PDF

Rehearsal Absence Form link online form


Concert Audience Attendance Release online form 

SYS students are expected to participate as audience members at each concert and sit in the concert hall as a group before and after performing on stage.  Please submit this form PRIOR to the concert day if your child who is in Strings, Sinfonietta or Philharmonic will be sitting with you after intermission or needs to leave early due to unusual circumstances.