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enrollment 2022-2023

​Each student member in our orchestras must be enrolled to participate in the

2022-2023 rehearsals and concerts.

Enrollment due by September 1st

(for returning SYS students and new students who auditioned in June)

 Click on the button above and then on "Sign In." If you did not receive a login and password by email, write to and it will be sent to you.  Please note that this app is not supporting mobile devices at this time.


If you want to send a check for your tuition payment instead of paying with credit card, you may do so. When indicating the payment schedule, indicate "Full Tuition" and mail in your payment to SYS, PO Box 9547, Spokane, WA  99209. We will make the necessary adjustment in our records to show the amount paid by check.

Parents are required to assist SYS by volunteering a minimum of nine (9) hours per family during the year as part of your commitment to your child's participation in the SYS program. To sign up for volunteer duties that work for you, please click on the "Signup" logo below. You may choose when enrolling to pay the $150 opt-out fee if you are unable or prefer not to volunteer.


Enrollment Document Links:

SYS 2022-2023 Handbook

Media Release

Liability Release

COVID-19 SYS Updated 2022-23 Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol Consent and Acknowledgement

When enrolling your child, you will be asked to agree to the policies included in the above documents.


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